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Kirai's main rules

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Kirai's main rules

Post by Ag3nT on Thu Apr 07, 2011 3:05 pm

1)General Rules
- Speak English in Guild chat.
- Respect your guild-mates and you'll be respected.
- Don't flame/annoy your guild-mates.
- If someone is asking you for help, you must help him.
- If you started a flame/PK war with other guilds/players inform your guild-master/co-leaders and the Guild will support you.
- You must inform your guild-mates if you are selling something valuable. (5B and up)
2)Guild Master and Co-Leaders
- As a Guild-Master you have the most important duty in the guild.
- Guild-Master is the main person who will decide if an application to join guild will be accepted.
- Guild-Master's opinion will be required to accept a new member.
- Guild-Master/Co-Leader have to organize friendly GvG-s.
- Guild-Master wont take part at Guild Events, he will be the one to choose and give out prizes.
3)CA Master
- We will have 2 CA Masters.
- As a CA Master you have to give free keys/odd circles to every guild member who is going in CA.
- You will collect all cores from members using Party Leader Only Loot Option.
- You must sell all cores and make other CA keys.
- The alz from cores will be used to help guild-crafters advance and to organize events.
- Channel 12 is chosen to be used to CA. PK all other guilds so that we may own CA Channel 12.
- You must update the amount of CA in guild bank after each CA.
+ CA rule update: When the CA masters are online and participate in CA, all cores must be collected and put the to Guild Warehouse. When they are not on, guild members may form a party, collect the cores and split them equally.
- As Dungeon-Master you will share the loot from guild runs. Jewelery will be split using the drop system
- You will decide with guild guild-master and the co-leader when epic items would drop (amped mithril, slot extender, epaulete +7/+8, or bike)
- Items will be sold in guild at a lower price. Discount may vary from 10 to 20% depending on the price of the item.
5)Guild Crafters
- The items crafted using CA alz will be split amongst members who need them.
- They will receive mats purchased using CA alz.
- All guild members are allowed to receive fee-free crafting, if they will want to sell the item crafted, they must give 25% to the guild for future crafts and events.
6)Event Organizer
- He will think of events which will take place and run by the guild-master.
- Income from the CA would be used to organize events.
- The guild-master isn't allowed to participate.
7)Strong Members;
- You must be active in dungeons, CA and TG.
- You must search for bosses (Berdeck, Penna, Rota, etc)
- You must help the weak members to get up on their feet faster.
8)Weak Members;
- You should collect crafting materials.
- You have to use a set "Of Luck" to have a higher chance to drop material.
- Your main duty is to spam easier dungeons like LID, RS, EOD1, SOD, EOD2, FT1 to work on your set.
9)Trial members
- They are the players who joined guild recently.
- Other members would express their opinion about you in the guild activities.
- The more active and helpful you are, the earlier you will get accepted as a full-time member.
- You won't have the right to lot for epic items in the beginning.
- This Group is made for fun.
- Someone who s being naughty would be moved here for 72 hours.
- Every Member can pk him.



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