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CHaR NAme ClinXuan I miXx U EmZz :lol:

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CHaR NAme ClinXuan I miXx U EmZz :lol:

Post by matoyboy132 on Sat Apr 30, 2011 9:37 pm

Char info

1.1) What is your Ingame name, your class, level and nation?
ClinXuan – Fs – 170 - prokyon
1.2) How long did you play cabal?
almost 1 year
1.3) What is the honour rank of your main character ?
Honour rank 11 im going to 12
1.4) OPTIONAL; if you craft, what is your craft level ?
Amulet lvl 6
1.5) What set are you using?( post all the parts )
- helm: osm db cdi 16% +6
- suit: Msa 7% armor suit +6
- boots: Msa 7% osm +6
- gloves: Msa shine guard 7% +6
- weapons: db 16 cdi blade
- rings: ROL +1 x2, Critical Ring+2, Critical ring+1.
- amulet: of pain+5,
- bracelets: of sage+6 x2
- earrings: force regen. +6 x2, vamp. +4 x2.
- board/bike: k-sliver
- epaulet: wealthy party epaulet
- pet:

- runes: - Down Resist lvl 7, Stun Resist lvl 7, Knock Back Resist lvl 7, Defense lvl 12, HP lvl 15, MP lvl 11

1.6) Can you give the name(s) of your alt(s) or previous character(s)? If u have any of course.

2) Some information about your past

2.1) In what guild(s) have you been before you decided to apply to Kirai?

2.2) How long did you stay in your previous guild(s) and WHY did u leave?

2.3) Have you ever been in negative contact with GM's because of violating the rules?(for example, a warning for vulgar language)

3) Some personal information.

3.1) What is your name? (Name is Optional) Where are you from?

3.2) What languages do you speak? (English is a MUST!)

3.3) How old are you? (if you do not wish to give us an exact age, simply give us a range; 16-20 / 21-25 / 26-30 / 31-35 / 36-40 / 40+).

3.4) Do you have active friends in Kirai? If yes, what are their names ? (we will check if the person(s) which you will mention confirm to be your friend)

3.5) OPTIONAL: If you want, feel free to tell something about yourself.[ (this is optional however it may help you to be accepted. Be sincere)

4) Tell us WHY would you like to join Kirai. In other words, WHY should we invite you?

5) Can you live with the idea that in some situations you need to give a bit more, while you receive, in your opinion, less? (for example, you loot a drop in a guild party, but this must be given to a guild crafter for free / or you sell an item cheaper than it's worth to your guild mate.) lol! lol! geek

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Re: CHaR NAme ClinXuan I miXx U EmZz :lol:

Post by Magiukas on Sun May 01, 2011 5:54 am

fill the application properly , we dont judge by set and honor only

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